I will introduce myself as "Aoba", though... there are some that will call me otherwise. Please feel free to ask me anything you might be... curious about.

((runs as Shiroba x all routes))
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stupidbread: this is a really nice account, is it dead? *cries*

[mun here— naw i’m not dead i was just honestly in a shiroba-slump for a bit but i’m feelin’ better about the ask blog lately !!! there’s a bunch of asks here so i’ll get some of them done very soon !!! thank you !!!]

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Don’t hate.

[insert mun laughing for 23757439522 years holy shit]

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we cool

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i hate going to meetings but Toue says i have to

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[Shiroba is an experience]

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[i am Apricot]

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I… usually have complete power over the Alphas; aside from their occasional tricks.